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Xiao Jie's CAS Project: Filming ISD Events

"My CAS project (along with Ermelinda and Daniella) is to film ISD's memorable events. This project involves the criteria of action for taking action in filming, service - for sacrificing our time to stay late after school or in the evening to film without expecting a reward, and creativity, for editing in a creative manner.

Our initial intention was to plan and organize to film high school volleyball WAISAL this year. However, as we get involved more in filming WAISAL, we found out that there's more we can do to contribute to our school's community, so we decided to expand our CAS project to film ISD events overall. This CAS project involves the communication between teachers for the schedules of the events and the need for equipment like cameras and computers. We also have to organize which students are willing to film and edit. 

The aim of this CAS project is to better share information within the school and people who wish to view events they cannot attend.

I personally want that not only the parents from our school to have access to it, but also to give people who can't attend WAISAL from other countries to get the chance to witness the fabulous events.

Two skills I wish to take away from this project is better leadership and communication. I wish to improve my leadership skills and furthermore improve my public speaking skills."

You can view some of this group's work on these websites: ISD Film Crew Tumblr &

Volleyball WAISAL

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