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Working with the Samusocial: Stella, Fatima and Jessica’s Project

On Friday February 10th, Stella and her group played games and painted T-shirts with 34 boys ages 9,10,16 and 17 years. They helped the boys paint their shirts and spell their names on it, which they will give to them next week.

This is what Stella had to say about her project

“I will be working, with two classmates (Jessica and Fatima) and other volunteers on a project with the kids who live and visit Samusocial. At first we will meet them a couple of times to interact with them, play some games and get to know them and then we will try to get them to come to ISD's art room in order to paint t-shirts with the samusocial logo. We will then sell the shirts and give the money to Samusocial. My goal is to not only interact and get to know the kids but to also show them ISD and give them the feeling of accomplishment as they are the ones designing the shirts we'll sell.”

The boys were very thankful for the time they spent at ISD and for the shirts they received.

“After finishing the painting and activities we all went into a room and the boys thanked us. One of them said that samusocial took him from the street, and gave him clothes and now he is having the time of his life painting t-shirts with us.”

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