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Tidiane's CAS Project: Helping Senegalese Schools

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

My CAS Project will be a ongoing plan where we will be looking to help those outside the school. The first part of the project will consist of numerous activities where we will be going around to Talibe shelters and schools in rural areas of Senegal and we will assist them by helping repaint classrooms, providing students with textbooks and pencils, and other activities like this. The second and final part will come after we have contacted and helped many different schools, and host a football tournament for these kids to enjoy.

My goal is to reach many outside the ISD community and have the tournament become an annual event at ISD. If this happens, students coming into the IB program will be able to choose this activity as their CAS project, meaning that ISD students will be able to build connections with students outside of ISD for many years to come.

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