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The SA Award Goes to Agathe Kappner

On Friday the 31rst of May ISD celebrated the excellence of its students in its high school awards ceremony. Mr. Boulestreau stepped up to award two students who demonstrated excellence in the CAS and SA programs. Mr. Boulestreau's speech displays the achievements of Agathe Kappner, a student in the IB MYP Programme.

Agathe Kappner

Mr. Boulestreau’s Speech:

The Service as Action award honors a member of the MYP program who has contributed significantly to the Service as Action program and has shown evidence of thorough investigation and planning as well as leadership skills in the action phase. This student also kept a well maintained SA portfolio where the reflective process was clear and meaningful and where evidence was significant. The recipient has demonstrated a passion for service where real needs were discovered as well as an ability to learn from setbacks. This student learned to serve and served to learn.

A short list of 6 nominees are selected by the SA coordinator was given to the school faculty who voted for this award.

The 2019 Service as Action award has been awarded this year to : AGATHE KAPPNER

For many of us, Agathe rhymes with Animal Rescue League. She has been involved in so many activities and events associated with this organization. She organized some bake sales and for one of them she ended up baking 56 gluten free, lactose free, oil free, and sugar free cupcakes- there were three flavors: almond, cinnamon chocolate chip, and chocolate. These were delicious!

But Agathe knows that Service is so much more than a bake sale and she was a strong advocate for her organization by representing ARL at the monthly Saturday’s farmer market and the Dakar Women’s group bazar. She sold old tires that she helped repaint with others and used wax fabric to make animal beds. But wait, it was not enough yet. Agathe with her group and well devoted supervisor, organized a cat sterilization campaign on our campus. Agathe and her group investigated an issue and planned it for a couple months. As described in her reflection, it was a well thought process where many stakeholders were involved. And the day came early May, when after all these meetings and planning, the day had come to sterilize those cats.

In her reflections, Agathe emphasizes the need for good communication and for addressing any issue right away. She remembered in one of her reflections how small details and small solutions can make a difference. Agathe said :

We had to communicate clearly to the guards and people still on campus that the traps should not get touched, as someone passing by while we were still there passed by and touched one of the traps, setting it off. To also prevent this from re-occurring, we went back around and taped pieces of paper where we had written, "please do not touch."

Agathe’s dedication and attention to details allowed her and her group to make a difference in our community and our campus. Agathe’s passion for the animal rights is contagious and she has been a model leader for her group. The best may yet to come for Agathe and her Animal rescue League group. We are so proud of you.

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