Saadou’s CAS Project: Helping the “pouponnière” child care center

Lead by Saadou, Benjamin, Gregory and Ahmed (all in 12th grade)

Saadou’s project is involved in creating fundraising activities for the orphanage/hospital “la pouponnière” in order to provide more resources to the babies (up until 1 and a half years old) living there. The project is pretty self-explanatory, to date it’s fundraising activities have included a gaming tournament and multiple bake sales (that were quite successful).

In Saadou’s opinion there were a few things that were well done and some that could have been improved. The project itself has had success in its endeavors, money has been raised to provide funds to the institution, and multiple people have participated along with the project members to “help the kids”. However, Saadou does admit that the main event, the gaming tournament, could have been more successful (the issue being with low participation), and more events could have been done to raise more funds to the institute. Nonetheless, this project has helped alleviate the financial burden on an important care center for youth.

No plans have been made to continue this project as there are others who do similar things and “la pouponnière” is commonly involved with ISD students (like with Lea Sleiman’s project).

The International School of Dakar

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