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Rhonda's CAS Project, the Round Table Talk

I spoke with Rhonda about her CAS project called round table talk and asked her some questions about her current progress.

The objective of this project was to “break taboos in society, starting by ISD”. In other words Rhonda wanted an activity where people could discuss about current issues that don’t receive much attention because of their controversial nature. Rhonda has used this activity to discuss many sensitive subjects like:

toxic masculinity, religious beliefs, feminism in the African culture, abortion, rape culture and gender roles.

Rhonda has been working on this project for a long time and has put in a lot of work outside of the table talks like organizing debates with other schools and inviting guest speakers, as well as inside as a moderator for discussions.

Rhonda’s biggest struggle has been to get people to participate in the round table talks, as only a select few regulars are currently attending, and she has tried many things to try and convince others to attend. As she states, it is “a safe place” for important discussions.

As such, she would greatly appreciate if anyone would be willing to join, for more information, contact her at:

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