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Ngor Beach Cleanup Project under New Management

The Ngor beach cleanup project was under the management of two now graduated students, who left their project to two lower class men: Zane Cameron and Nicholas Ori.

The Ngor beach cleanup project is in its third year of public service, and upon asking if the project was improving, the coordinators' response was:

"Yes, with growing efficiency and communication we have seen improvements in our own efforts in growing our clean ups. In addition, we have seen changes in the attitudes in people around the beach, with new efforts to keep Ngor beach clean."

The objectives remain the same as when this project started, and Zane has stated that they are trying to expand upon their project's learning aspect by partnering up with other groups to: "get local students involved in order to teach about conservation to the next generation."

They have also stated that the state of the beach is improving, even if there still is a lot of trash, in the most recent cleanup they collected up to one and a half tonnes of trash.

Zane and Nick are always looking for volunteers to help out in their cleanup, whether it be as a diver, surfer or sorter. You can contact them for more information through their emails at: and

Members of the most recent cleanup.

You can help as a diver, surfer or sorter.

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