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Nardos' CAS Project

As I began to consider what CAS topics/ projects I may want to think about pursuing I knew choosing a topic that I felt connected to or passionate about would be the biggest encouragement I could give myself to put in as much as I could into it. Thus, as I feel quite affiliated with cancer and the disease I decided to look into it and research to learn how best can I spread awareness of the repercussions a misleading lifestyle can lead to unexpected outcomes, including death. As the rate of people who have and are developing cancer is growing, I decided this would be wise to focus my CAS project on. Furthermore, there is a new clinic opening a few miles away from my school and it is my goal to see what I might be able to do to become involved with their organization to see how I may be able to further involve myself within the population of Senegal who have cancer. The past year has been an incredibly rewarding journey in terms of what we have been able to achieve and gain personally as individuals. From having broadcasted a radio message all across suburban Senegal, to raising up to over 100k in funds throughout various other activities and awareness projects we've taken on; all in all there is still so much left to be done which is why I am passing it on to an underclassmen that has agreed to continue with it, but it has been a pleasure to work alongside Mr. Assgoba and integrate ISD's community into a worthwhile cause.

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