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Marion's CAS Project: The Haunted House and More

I asked Marion Jones, a 12th grade student, what her experience organizing the haunted house was like. Marion had undertaken this activity as part of her project to try and organize events that she has an interest in and that she would like to share with the community, and along with other students and the US marines, she was able to make an enjoyable haunted house.

Marion started this activity because she wished to “make something entertaining for people”. She focused on making an interesting and thematically accurate haunted house, which required logistical work like how to divide the space for different ages and knowing how many people were going to attend. Throughout this activity she struggled to manage all the members who came to help, as she stated she tried to “keep control of things that couldn’t be controlled”. But as anyone who attended can attest, she was able to accomplish her vision of a proper haunted house:

Marion plans to in the future organize a “sommet de la francophonie” and other activities that might interest her. She has gained experience in managing others and planning activities, and has stated that she is willing to provide tips to anyone who plans on doing something similar.

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