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Lea’s CAS Project: Working with orphanages

Lead by Lea Sleiman

Lea’s CAS project involves the moral and financial support of orphanages in Dakar. Her activity involves two kinds of work, fundraising events done by the entire group to help orphanages and individual visits to said institutions to have contact with the kids and play with them (as caretakers cannot always be there for them). The majority of fundraising events have been bake sales and the funds have been invested in toys and materials that improve the life of the orphans.

As the coordinator of the project Lea has to manage all of the students participating in the activity and speak with the directors at the orphanages to work with them. One of the aspects she feels has been done well and is of great importance is good communication and planning with the orphanages, so anyone who plans on doing something similar for their CAS project keep this in mind. It is also important to try and get the most participation out of the students doing this as an activity, as Lea has stated that not everyone participates fully in the activity (some do not visit the kids independently).

If you have an interest in helping less fortunate kids and want to make a project like this you can always ask for tips at

Lea (left) and a member holding a poster for one of their bake sales

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