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Kallie Ann & Bilal's CAS Project: Cleaning Up Ngor Beach

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

The Pelican Beach Project is centered around Ngor. It includes Ngor beach, an elementary school in Ngor, the Barracuda Club Dakar, and locals.

This project is meant to raise an awareness towards pollution and the environment (specifically the ocean) in the coastal city which is Dakar.

While working with the Ngor students, we asked them the question:

“Why is it important for us to protect the ocean?” which centers our project’s goals and ideals. The children gave us answers such as the economy relying on the environment, or the people needing fish to eat.

With these answers in mind, we plan to tackle the pollution issues not only on the beach, but at school with our Environmental Ambassadors.

February 11th 2018 was our first clean up and led to immense success. With the help of the Ngor students, locals, surfers and divers, we collected far more than we could have ever expected. After collecting the trash and debris, our job is to sort the different materials into categories such as plastic, paper/cardboard, wood, fabric, rubber, metal, and other. Once these have been clearly separated, we make sure that the different materials are disposed of in the correct location, with the correct precautions.

Through this project, we learn to work collaboratively, environmentally, and overall in a clean and safe manner.

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