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Jordan's CAS Project: ISD Snapchat

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

We created an ISD snapchat account to be able to give the community snaps of life at ISD and what is going on the campus. Today most students use snapchat in their everyday life because it is the most popular medium of communication between our generation currently.

I wanted to create this account because there are many different events that happen at an International School and the only mediums we have are Facebook, Instagram, and the ISD Website. Instagram is not even able to be used on campus because it is blocked by the school.

I will also design and be in contact with Snapchat to create geotags for the school to show who we are to the world and map a name for ourselves on the virtual map.

With an ISD snapchat account people will be able to be involved in activities run by the school which will make them want to be involved or attend the next event that the school presents. My goal with this project is to involve students more in the community and give them a more popular medium where they are a part of the school.

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