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Fatima’s CAS project: Teaching English to ISD staff

Lead by Fatima Beye

The project’s title is pretty self-explanatory: 12th grader Fatima has been organizing the english lessons that staff take every thursday in our school. More specifically, staff come to attend hour long personalized lessons separated based on previous english knowledge that focus on teaching conversational skills.

According to Fatima this activity has been beneficial to both students teaching and staff learning. Students have been able to converse and learn more about the life of the people working everyday to maintain the school, and of course the staff have been able to develop their english in a helpful environment. There has been good progress on that front, as staff that consistently attend have greatly improved their english ability and have even started working on their writing.

There have also been some difficulties when it came to commitment (from both students and staff), but since no one is forced to attend this is to be expected.

Overall this activity has progressed well, Fatima is not the first student lead for this project and it has been present in the school for multiple years, she will be looking for students to take over when she graduates, so if you wish to give back to your staff, feel free to contact her at:

Fatima and other students working with staff

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