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Camille's CAS Project: ISD Talent Show

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

My project began with my love for music and my service project, which was volunteering at the Point E orphanage. From what I've last heard (because the orphanage prefers to be reserved and keep a low profile), they were running out of ways to fund their supplies. I figured a good way to encourage people to donate was to set up a show, which originally started as a singer-based talent show. When I held auditions, so many people showed up, I had to make sure to have enough time to fit them all in.

I even had students emailing me after the audition date asking if they could perform. I worked with these talented students up until December, the final product. More people had shown up than I expected! There were a few minor setbacks as a final assessment date was placed the day after the talent show, but a few true friends stepped up to fill the roles and it all ran smoothly. We raised a total of $571 from concessions and ticketing, which is amazing. I plan to follow this up by more visits to the orphanage to donate the money. I hope this builds a long-term relationship between ISD and the orphanage as some younger students have expressed interest in putting up a show next year as well, similar to this one. It would also encourage musical expression (dance, singing) within the school.

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