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Brightening up the School with Art: Gorrgi-Sam's Mural Club

As you can probably guess from the title, this project deals with the murals that you might have seen painted around the school. And yes, this does include the infamous pride flag on Africa mural, among many others.


I asked Sam if he would be willing to answer some questions about what exactly this club does, and I also got to see them at work, which gave me a good understanding of their dynamic.

Well, one word I would use to describe this club is relaxing. The objective of this club and Sam's own goal is to help make the school a better area through the murals, but this doesn't limit the members in any way. The philosophy is to allow people to express their creative side at their own pace, there are no repercussions for being absent from a meeting. However, this does not mean that one can goof off, if you start painting you must finish, and of course with projects outside of school one must be more mindful.

When I was observing Sam and 2 other members work I could tell that there was a friendly ambiance within the group, this might have been because they are all friends outside of the club, but I'm sure anyone would feel the same welcoming environment. It is really easy to join, just speak with Sam ( and attend one of their meetings.

Another project from the mural club.

A work in progress

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