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A CAS experience is a specific event in which the student engages with one or more of the three CAS strands.

CAS experience can be a single event or may be an extended series of events.

Typically, a student’s CAS program combines planned and unplanned singular and ongoing experiences. All are valuable and may lead to personal development. A series of planned CAS experiences are recommended for a more engaging CAS program.

There are four guidelines that should be applied to any proposed CAS experience. A CAS experience must:

  1. Fit within one or more of the CAS strands

  2. Be based on a personal interest, skill, talent or opportunity for growth

  3. Provide opportunities to develop the attributes of the IB Learner Profile

  4. Not be used or included in the student’s Diploma Course requirements

Useful questions to consider when choosing CAS activities:

  1. Will the experience be enjoyable?

  2. Does the experience allow for development of personal interests, skills and/or talents?

  3. What new possibilities or challenges could the experience provide?

  4. What might be the possible consequences of your CAS experience for you, others and the environment?

  5. Which CAS learning outcomes may be addressed?

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